The All Night Astrophotography Competition.

23:00, March 14, 2020 IST - 05:00, March 15, 2020 IST

Problem Statement

In this event, participants can participate as an individual or in groups of 2. All the participants/teams (hereafter referred to as just participants) have to click pictures that contain at least one astronomically significant object. Stacking is allowed.


The photograph capturing time for the participants is from 23:00, 14 March to 05:00, 15 March IST. The final submission is to be done before 16:00 on 15 March.

Judging Criteria

All the participants have to submit two images at the time of final submission. For the final score, the cummulative scores of both of the submitted images will be taken into consideration. Following points will be considered for judging:

Concept and technical excellence 20%
Composition 35%
Exposure and post-processing 25%
Overall impact, creativity and uniqueness 20%

Rules and Regulations

  • All the participants have to bring their own cameras and equipment and they will themselves be responsible for it.
  • No equipment shall be provided by the AstraX team or the organising institute.
  • Each participant has to submit two images for their final submission.
  • Camera resolution should be atleast 3.2 Mega Pixels.
  • In photo editing; global editing, local editing, photo stacking are allowed. Participants need to submit both, the final image in .jpeg or .jpg format, and the raw images used to make the final image. In the case of stacking, the participant can send all, or 10 images (whichever is lower) taken at different intervals to cover the whole span.
  • In case of any dispute, the decision of the organizing committee will be final.
  • Please send your submissions to
In case of any doubt/concern regarding the event, either call the coordinators or write an email to

Event Coordinators